How to Become Billing Clerk? | Skills Required to Become Billing Clerk

How to Become Billing Clerk?

Who is Billing Clerk?

A billing clerk is a financial expert responsible for the production and issuance of invoices and account memos. A billing clerk plays an essential role in the company’s finance department. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most accountants begin their career as a billing clerk. A billing clerk is a financial professional responsible for creating and issuing payment.

What are the Core Responsibilities of Billing Clerk?

  • Issuing customer invoices
  • Issuing monthly customer statements
  • Update client files with invoices provided
  • Process and generate credit memos
  • Update client files with invoices provided
  • Track stipulations between the delivery log and the register of invoices
  • Enter the invoices in the websites of the client
  • Submit electronic information exchange invoices
  • Creation bills and other regular invoices
  • Product invoices detail each item’s original prices, taxation, quantities and transport fees
  • Use accounting software to generate proposals for the customers
  • Verifying and sending customers the electronic bills
  • Making data entries for hundreds of clients
  • Coding the documents
  • Manage debts or other outstanding balance
  • Evaluate receivable proposals
  • Update the financial system
  • Update the accounting records and reports
  • Entering new payments, customer information and balances
  • Answer customer queries
  • Create reports and presenting it to the manager
  • Monitor the revenues

What Skills are required to Become Biliing Clerk?

  • Consistent experience as a bank accounting officer or general finance experience
  • Must be reliable and precise in handling all the accounts
  • Be good in math
  • As the evolution of IT and computers, Computer knowledge is a must
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Pro-efficient is using Microsoft Word
  • Good experience in operating Excel, Sage, Xero and other accounting software
  • Know and understand confidential corporate data
  • Know the privacy of the organization

How much Billing Clerk Earn?

It has been reported that in the UK Billing Clerk earns a handsome amount of money a year. In the United Kingdom, the national average salary for a Billing Clerk is £20,810. And an average base pay ranges from £16k to £29k.

How to Become Billing Clerk?

High School Degree
  • At least high school degree or other equivalent education
  • Many employers hire the employees if they have excellent numerical and organizational skills and provide them training accordingly

Relevant Educational Program
  • Many employers look for appropriate educational knowledge for billing clerk post
  • Such as bookkeeping knowledge, practical payroll and billing knowledge
  • Accounting certificate and training are must to have in-depth knowledge
  • Accounting clerk certificate
  • Certified Xero adviser

Gain Experience
  • Many employers want previous relevant experience
  • Try to find a job or get trained from high experienced trainer
  • Apply for part-time jobs during degree or internships at any reputed sectors
  • Entry-level jobs will help you in future

Pursue Your Degree
  • Continuing with an associate degree or accounting trainings will fulfil employers requirement
  • These degrees or diplomas will help you learn more accounting and other aspects of accounting
  • Pursuing relevant degree will help you gain in-depth knowledge of field of interest

How to Step Up your Career?

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