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How to Become Sales Ledger Clerk?

What is Sales Ledger?

Sales ledger is the commonly used term in Accounting. Originally sales ledger was manually recorded by the clerks, by hand. With the advent of computerized accounting software, a customer immediately searches for a particular invoice record, data sheets or other related data. Sales ledger can be used preparing a financial statement, company’s research and auditing.

This article will help you in knowing how to become sales ledger clerk? And also what job does a sales ledger clerk do?

Sales ledger is one of the most used accounting terms which refer to the sales record, whether you got the cash or not and how much do you owe. A sales ledger is a comprehensive sales catalogue shown in a date sequence. It may also include credits awarded that decrease sale, possibly for products returned by clients. The recorded data in a sales ledger can be quite comprehensive, that may consist of things such as sales date, invoice number, products sold, clients name, transport charges, the number of sales made, sales tax and much more related matters.

The data recorded in a sales ledger is recurrently summarized, and then the gross orders are published in the general ledger to the sales report. To prevent the general ledger from being consumed with too much data, the detail level data in the sales ledger is kept separate from the general ledger.

Sales ledger clerk is the groups of an accounting team member who handles sales, invoices and collects payments. On the day as the purchases are made, the sales leader clerk made sure to issue the invoices.

What is the Role of Sales Ledger Clerk?

It is the sole duty of the sales ledger clerk to make sure that no matter how big the bill is, every single penny owed to a company is invoiced.

Some generic job roles of sales ledger clerk are follow

  • Shipping notes for client’s order
  • Making up new customers
  • Producing invoices
  • Making of new sales invoices
  • Prepare banking
  • Banking and reconciliation
  • Running off turnover statements
  • Produce the report of aged debts
  • Following up remaining debts
  • Write off bad debts
  • Sorting out any gaps
  • Sending out customer statements
  • Checking VAT returns and submissions
  • Processing VAT receipts for the customers
  • Answering all the queries of customers
  • Answering queries of organizational team related to sales invoices
  • Credit controlling
  • Controlling accounts to monitor the amounts owed by the customer to your business

The sales ledger clerk works within the finance team, and the role involves numerous range of activities in support of sales ledger functioning.

Before accounting software, sales ledgers were recorded and jotted down in a giant book that was time and energy-consuming task. But with the evolution of accounting software sales and purchase invoices can easily be stored, managed, monitored and secured.

In today’s world, the task of sales ledger is solely dependent on operating data in accounting software like FreshBooks, Quickbooks, Forbes, Xero, Sage and much more. Today’s account’s employers are in need of hiring well-trained and skillful candidates who can fulfil the modern requirements in accountancy.

Get Accounting Training is a place where individuals get trained according to the job markets requirements. We make our candidates eligible enough to stand out with confidence with qualified job seekers.

How to Become Sales Ledger Clerk?

Being good with cash is a helpful asset to have, and if you have the skill to keep track of finance, chase debt, software control and good analytical power, then you are more likely to become a fantastic sales ledger clerk.

Gaining software knowledge has become more necessary than ever. In Get Accounting Training candidates get trained to reach their desired level. We have designed courses for our candidates about certain specific software. The courses will help them learn about different accountancy jobs and where do the accounting software can help them in the accountancy field?

Our software training includes

  • XERO
  • SAGE 2017 V24
  • Quickbooks
  • Fresh Books
  • IRIS
  • Forbes
  • Capium
  • VT software
  • Free agent

What Career Path you can Opt For After Training?

  • Sales Ledger Clerk
  • Purchase Ledger Clerk
  • Account Receivable Clerk
  • Account Payable Clerk
  • VAT Administrator
  • Bookkeeper
  • Payroll Administrator

What Amount does Sales Ledger Clerk Make?

In the UK, when you start your career as a sales ledger Clerk, you can expect to earn £17k to £20k a year. This pay packet will increase to £30k plus once you step up to a more supervisory role.

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