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How to Join Gaming Industry in The UK?

What is Gaming Industry?

The gaming industry has got a global spotlight lately. People, especially youngsters, have started developing an interest in the gaming side. The video game industry is the new economic sector that has caught attention. This sector has involved marketing, developing, designing, software and monetizing, all in one. It encompasses several work sectors and employs thousands of individuals globally.

How Big the Gaming Industry in The UK?

The UK is reported as the second-largest gaming industry in Europe after Germany and the fifth most extensive in the whole wide world. This sector has taken over in the past few years. The UK gaming industry was worth £5.7 billion in the year 2018. The highest contribution in this zone was from the sales of software around £4 billion the other contribution were generated from sales of hardware and then the other related gaming items.

In 2009 it was seemingly reported that gaming industry took over the film industry in the UK. Many major gaming franchises are being developed including

  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Tomb Rider
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Dirt
  • Burnout
  • Wipeout

Thus, making the UK third most significant video game producer after Japan and the US. Grand Theft Auto was reportedly the best-selling game of 2013 selling over 150 million copies. The PEGI and the British Board of Film Classification are the organizations responsible for rating video games in the UK.

How to Join Gaming Industry In The UK?

Posting your knowledge for discussion
  • To get your work seen by the gaming studio get your gaming knowledge on board
  • Let the game developers judge your work
  • Understand the new trends

Start Publishing
  • Start your own gaming blog
  • Post your knowledge and try to reach maximum people
  • Show your work for reviews
  • Consider the positive reviews and try to amend the laggings

Generate Your Indie Game
  • There are much better gaming software available for game development
  • Try to understand and learn about new software
  • Create your own autonomous games
  • Start developing an interest in generating unique and exciting games
  • Spent some time surfing gaming websites

Get An Entry-Job Or Internship
  • As an emerging gaming developer, it is necessary to know how the gaming industry works
  • On real grounds, its more different than it looks on the screen
  • Series of sectors are inter-linked to generate single season of game
  • It is highly recommended to get an internship in the gaming industry or get an entry-level job as a Game Tester
  • Most game tester job doesn’t require any specifically related degree it just needs your knack of gaming
  • Learning more about the production of games will help you pave your gaming career
  • As the gaming industry is full of artists, graphic and visual designers and programmers your interest won’t stop you from learning more

Get An Internship at Gaming Studio
  • You may get a job in a gaming studio if you have a knack that can be used in the game development
  • Not every studio offer internship but they might offer part-time jobs or voluntary workers who can assist them in wrapping-up the work
  • Search for internships at game company start-ups
  • Get an inexpensive job in any gaming studio for your better learning

College Degree – Video Gaming
  • Game art and design is an emerging subject in today’s world
  • There’s a chance of directly getting linked to the gaming studio after completion of your gaming degree
  • Youngsters have got an option to opt for a gaming degree in college or university to pursue their dream career

Get A Conventional College Degree
  • It is useful to have a minimum college degree to get into the gaming field
  • But not necessarily a gaming degree makes you eligible to step into the gaming world although having a gaming degree will flare up your skills in gaming, but again, it is not necessary
  • If you have learned skills that could be implemented in game development, you don’t need a gaming degree

Get A Job In Gaming Field
  • There are a numerous jobs available in the gaming industry
  • Find the job that best matches your skill
  • Even if you did not develop a game before, you could still apply for the jobs in IT, tools development, software or as a support staff
  • You can apply for non-developmental gaming roles
  • The bigger gaming studio, the more chances to get a supporting job
  • After all, it is all about the skills that can lead you anywhere in the world

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