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How to Use XERO?

What is XERO?

In 2006 New Zealand Technological Company founded a fastest-growing web-based accounting software, Xero, intend to make a small to medium-sized business work in a more efficient way. Through internet cooperation, the trusted linkages are made-up with clients and other stakeholders.

Xero is web-based accounting software that allows you to share accountant and bookkeeper access to the recent company figures so that everyone is up the mark. By having invoices paid more quickly on Xero, a business can enhance the cash flow. The article will provide you with general information on how to use Xero? And what training will help you in becoming a Xero master?

How to Use XERO?

  1. Installation/Access to Xero
  2. Set up Your Bank Account Feeds
  3. Adding a sale invoice
  4. Setup your accounts graph
  5. Importing a bank statement
  6. Frequent reconciliation
  7. Reviewing old receivables
  8. Customer statement
  9. Organizational details
    •   Display name
    •   Trading name
    •   Emails
    •   Registration number
    •   Description
    •   Address
    •   Registered address
    •   Type of organization
    •   Contact number
    •   Fax number
    •   Logo of the organization
    •   Website display
  10. Financial settings setup
    •   End year financial statement
    •   VAT scheme, number and VAT period
  11. Add users
  12. Add invoices/ branding schemes
  13. Set up payment service
  14. Add a reminder for payments
  15. Learn basic Xero reports
  16. Set up Xero payroll
  17. Connect to apps

So, go beyond the traditional ways of bookkeeping and opt for online invoice to save your time and energy.

Finally, when you start working on Xero, your trainer is there to help throughout your learning process. Learning at your own might be time-consuming and confusing, try to speed up your learning with a qualified trainer who can assess your abilities and skills on a regular basis and will enable you to elevate your performance.

Get Accounting Training is one of the top lead accounting training provider in the UK. We provide our candidates with satisfactory results in comprehending their theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Our students are always contented with the outcome of our training as they find jobs of their wish.

How Get Accounting Training Assists You in XERO Use?

Our highly qualified accounting experts provide your accountancy training on the following software

  • Xero
  • Forbes
  • QuickBooks
  • Sage
  • Iris
  • Fresh Books

Our training on Xero will provide you confidence to work on the software confidently also enable you to deal with the technical aspects of the software.

Our Xero training course include

  • Introduction to Xero
  • Its importance and impact
  • Sales bookkeeping
  • Purchase ledger
  • Bank transactions and other monetary matters
  • Reporting and documenting
  • VAT returns

The most excellent accountancy practices are always extracted from the skilled accountants who understand the execution of Xero practices in the company. So it is necessary for the employee, or any individual in the accounting field, to get skills polished in a way to face the real challenges in the accountancy field.


  • Get Accounting Training will assist you in gaining experience about the control of the accounts by the use of Xero
  • Assessing the financial situation and making decisions
  • Payrolls, VAT schemes and budgeting
  • Variance analysis
  • Reviewing all the financial records by the year-end and make evaluations

What Benefits can you Gain From XERO Training?

  • The complete Xero training will make you clear about the most asked question, that is, how to use Xero?
  • Also, the training will help you in making you understand how multi-users can access the Xero account.
  • Backing up accounts
  • By the end of XERO training we will provide Xero advisor certificate.
  • The certification mentioned in your CV will give you more advantage to get hired for a job
  • The training will provide you with the skills needed to set up new clients
  • An effective and efficient way to carry out financial matters

What are Expected Jobs After Completion of XERO Training?

Following are the specific well-paying job roles that can be expected by the individual sitting after completion of Xero training

  • Credit controller
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accounts assistant
  • Accounts manager
  • VAT manager
  • Senior accountant
  • Xero advisor

Why Choose Get Accounting Training?

  • We provide specialized staff to the trainees
  • Wo also offer free career consultation session to the keen learners
  • A friendly and supportive environment
  • Provide trainees with skills of competitive edge
  • Guaranteed placements opportunities based on the training they opt for
  • Highly supportive staff to help the trainees in the job hunt and interview preparations
  • Free CV building service
  • Very reasonable course fees

So step ahead and join us and be the part of Get Accounting Training to connect with your dream job.

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