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How to Prepare Final Accounts of a Company?

What are Final Accounts?

An organization of any firm’s financial statement, usually the fiscal year, made up at the end of an accounting period. The balance sheet reflects the financial situation of the company. These sheets are generally ready as final accounts at the end of the year. Final accounts are made for keeping the accounts record. The purpose of keeping accounts is to interrogate profit and loss statement also the outcomes of numerous incomes and expenditures throughout the year.

The main purpose of a businessman to get into the business is to gain more and more profit. It is accounting that demonstrates a company’s concerns about profit and loss.

What are Objectives of Preparing Final Accounts?

The following objectives will help you make clear about final accounts

To determine the transaction outcomes
  • Final accounts are made up to understand the profit gained or the loss suffered in a given tenure by the company
  • Trading and profit and loss accounts or income statuses are being generated to determine the profit and loss of the company

Knowing the company’s financial situation
  • In addition, to determine the profit and loss, the company’s economic position is evaluated by the final accounts.
  • The company’s economic position is showing by using a balance sheet.
  • Final accounts are used as a meaningful source of conveying the owners, creditors, investors, managers and other stakeholders the current financial position of the business.

How to Prepare Final Accounts of a Company?

An accountant must know that how to prepare final accounts of a company considering it as an important part in the evaluation of the business.

The general steps of preparing final accounts are as follow

  1. To generate transactions
  2. Record the transactions
  3. Classify the transactions in bookkeeping
  4. Summarize the classified transactions to check the arithmetical accuracy
  5. The accuracy is verified by means of trial balance
  6. After trial balance, the final accounts are generated
  7. The accountancy cycles begin with the bookkeeping of initial transactions and end with the final accounts preparations.
  8. These accounts are generated on the end of the accountancy period of the company that is why they are known as final accounts
  9. There are three types of final accounts; Trading Accounts, Profit and Loss accounts, Balance sheet

Trading Accounts
  • It is a nominal account that is prepared on the last day of accounting year
  • The trading account indicates the outcome of the purchase and sale of products
  • These accounts determine the trader’s gross profit or gross loss

Profit and Loss Accounts
  • In business, profit and loss accounts indicate the annual net profit and a net loss
  • These accounts are generated to evaluate the net profit and loss of the trader

Balance Sheet
  • A balance sheet is a compilation of assets and demands in respect of a company at a particular moment and is ready from an updated trial balance
  • The balance sheet demonstrates the economic situation of the company by detailing the source and the use of the funds

How can Get Accounting Training assist you?

Get Accounting Training is a complete platform for the provision of accountancy training services. In Get Accounting Training, you will find a definite solution to your ambiguous career. We, not only help you in providing a comfortable zone to train you in the best possible way but also help you reach the zenith of what you opt to choose.

Our final accounts training are demandable across the country that fulfils all the requirements to understand accounting in a better way. We suggest that you start from the very first step from the bookkeeping of the company and then reaching the final accounts processing. But it is up to our candidates that what course they want to learn for their better understanding.

Our final account course help you in a various way

  • Work on the initial trial balance
  • Enable a student to document the complete company file
  • The course is taken on Sage accounting software for practical experience
  • Practical use of Sage, XERO, QuickBooks and Excel for understanding accounting software in a much better way
  • Preparing income statement
  • Generating a balance sheet
  • Purchases and direct exchange evaluation
  • Preparing profit and loss sheet
  • Creating trading accounts
  • Gross profit and loss sheet

We suggest everyone take training which will help them in enhancing their analytical abilities to compete in the real world accountancy market.

What Skills will You Gain In Our Training?

  • How to prepare final accounts of a company
  • Controlling accounts made
  • Managing the accounts
  • Payroll accounts
  • Bookkeeping knowledge
  • Opening new accounts
  • Clearing old accounts
  • Balance adjustments
  • How to prepare final accounts from a trial balance
  • Analyzing trial balance and carry out corrections
  • Month and yearly adjustments
  • Year-end accounts production management
  • Key Accounts management
  • Depreciation
  • Devaluation of accounts
  • Trial balance adjustments and updating
  • Clearing up suspended accounts
  • Analysis of Aged debtors
  • Creditor’s analysis
  • Evaluation of accounts
  • Preparing wage journal

What are Components of Final Accounts?

  • Generating trading accounts
  • Profit and Loss accounts
  • Balance Sheet

Software We Work On

  • Sage 2017 v24
  • Forbes
  • Free Agent
  • Quickbooks
  • Freshbooks
  • XERO
  • Capium
  • VT Software
  • IRIS

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